We believe that production encompasses every step in the song creation process;
our team will work with you to craft a radio-ready, polished, final product.

Full scale Production

Starting from scratch with the basics such as structure, arrangement & overall songwriting.

Instrumentation/Beat Making

Using your lyrics, chords, and/or ideas as the foundation for instrumental production,
composition, sound design, etc.


Expanding on and developing any existing production to a professional standard.


Bringing a nearly finished song from 90% to 100%, whether that means added production, sound design, sample replacement, etc.

*Mix and Master included

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Mix & Master


Send us all the stems/tracks of your project for an in-depth, detailed mixdown, and competitively loud master.

Grouped Stem Mix & Master

Send us grouped stems (ex: Drums, Synths, FX, Vocals, Guitars, etc.) for a competitively loud master while allowing us to adjust and mix elements of your track to optimize clarity and mitigate any broader errors that may be present in the mix.

Single Track Master

Send us an already mixed track for a professional, balanced, and competitively loud master.

All tracks are delivered as 24-bit 44.1kHz .wav file as well as 320 kbps .mp3 with metadata.

Turnaround time: Within a week

Hear the difference:


Our consulting service is a one on one meeting during which we can offer guidance, provide a fresh perspective, and share our expertise regarding music creation - from sound design and sample choice to composition, songwriting, and production.

Unsure about a mix? Need to know if your master hits just right on all listening platforms? Want to know if your music can stand toe to toe with what’s hitting the charts?

Our production team has the answers.

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Sample Packs

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From the structural arrangement of your song to in-depth sound design, we provide end-to-end coverage with our production deals.

Read below to learn about the 4 common stages at which artists come to us for production:

Full Scale Production

Here we build the project together from scratch, starting with the basics such as composition, arrangement, and overall songwriting

Instrumentation/Beat Making

You have lyrics, chords, and/or general ideas. Now it's time to bring them to us so we can create the instrumental, which typically constitutes drum and synth programming, recording instruments, sound design, composition, and some songwriting.


You've done the songwriting, arrangement, and basic production/instrumentation. Now pass along your track to us and we will work off of your existing ideas to progress and bring life to your song. This can include: adding elements, improving sound design, drum programming, creating/adjusting melody or rhythm - anything your song needs to become a professional sounding, radio-ready record.


If you're a producer, and you feel like your track isn't quite finished, we can help. Sometimes all you need is a 3rd ear to help cross the finish line. Maybe you need some drum/sample work, assistance with sound design, more power in your hook, or that turnaround needs to be spiced up. We're happy to step in and give your track that final push.

DJ's/Producers looking for ghost production, be sure to check out some of our dance tracks.

Whether you've got an idea budding in your head or you have a song fully written, we are eager to work with you in order to complete your musical vision.

Listen to some examples below to hear the spectrum of genres we have worked in.
All examples are written, produced, mixed, and mastered by us.

Mix & Master


While a good mix can't save a bad song, a bad mix can certainly ruin a good one.

This is a crucial part of the production process, and many musicians and producers undervalue the importance of a great mix. Typically, the mixing of a track consists of sculpting the EQ of each track, balancing levels, dynamic and time-based processing, creating stereo imagery, and pitch correction.

Our production team will make sure your mix checks all the boxes and sounds balanced, clean, and cohesive.

Don’t underestimate the power of the mixing process, let Mad Sound bring it all together for you.


Once you have a solid mix, you are ready for mastering. Mastering is the final stage in the song creation process, during which the final mix is treated to be competitively loud and sonically comparable with contemporary professional records across all listening platforms.

This typically consists of increasing loudness, as well as some subtle overall frequency shaping, and aural excitation.

Mastering is also important when it comes to a body of work, in order to assure the loudness and sonic quality are consistent across the record.

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We're a music production & engineering team of two based out of Denver, CO.

Our passion is assisting artists, producers, songwriters, and all other music professionals in manifesting their creative visions. From the basics like mixing and mastering to higher levels of production, as well as consulting - we're here to elevate, refine, and bring your ideas to life to create a radio-ready, polished, final product.

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Denver-based music producer and mixing/mastering engineer. Equipped with a background in physical instrumentation Amr produces a range of genres including pop and hip hop, with an emphasis on dance music. After releasing his first solo single in April 2020 Amr has seen his songs featured on Insomniac Radio, Diplo’s Revolution, and Space Yacht Radio, and has had his music played out on massive stages such as Red Rocks and Mission Ballroom. Having worked with artists around the world, Amr has sharpened and diversified his skills over the years - both technical and creative - positioning him to help realize any artist or musician's vision.


An artist, audio engineer, and music producer active in the Denver music scene for eight years. Starting fresh out of an audio engineering trade school in Arizona, Ian came back home to Denver to begin working in the entertainment industry as a freelancer for indie artists, helping them achieve their musical goals through all forms. From recording and producing to mixing and mastering, Ian has been able to create incredible sounds and products for artists, songwriters, and music professionals across the Front Range. Finishing his education with a Music Business degree and a background in recording, live sound, and live performance Ian has the tools to help anyone achieve their musical goals.

This could constitute:

Full-scale production from the ground up,

Instrumentation or beat making

Progressing and elevating existing ideas,

Or refining nearly finished projects.